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Farmed seafood everyone can feel good about

We build transformative tech and financial solutions that modernize every step of the aquaculture supply chain.

A shrimp farm technician uses XpertSea's app on his mobile phone to get faster payments
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XpertSea leverages AI technology to help farmers modernize their operations and boost profits by providing access to fast payments, valuable production insights and vetted networks of sellers and buyers.

Same day payment farmers can count on

Faster payments

We pay up to 80% at harvest so farmers can focus on what matters: growing quality shrimp.

A shrimp farmer smiles next to a palm tree

Solid ties bridging supply and demand

Verified networks

We build legitimacy and trust by connecting a vast ecosystem of shrimp producers and buyers.

A shrimp farmer holds a bunch of large shrimp in his hand

Smart tools for smarter farming

Valuable insights

Beyond providing access to faster cash, our patented AI technology delivers actionable production insights that help farmers grow healthier and more profitable shrimp.

Shrimp farm technicians assessing the growth of their shrimp using XpertSea's technology
A large shrimp pond with aerators and palm trees in the distance

The XpertSea difference

In their own words

Carlos Santos

Carlos Santos

Owner of Oro del Mar, Ecuador

I chose to sell to XpertSea because I received the money more quickly than with my usual buyers. This money allowed me to buy feed and keep my shrimp growing. It helped me run my operation smoothly and generate additional cycles more effectively.

Dr. Craig Browdy

Dr. Craig Browdy

Director of Research & Development at Zeigler Bros, USA

XpertSea’s innovative smartphone app saves a huge amount of time and generates very accurate sampling data. This is a powerful tool for improving day to day decision-making yielding faster growth, more efficient feed conversion and better water quality.

Harry Viafara

Harry Viafara

Owner of Exporcareca, Ecuador

I heard about XpertSea through social media and other social networks. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after trying the app and their fast payment services I was surprised at how well it works and would advise anyone else interested to try it out.

Wilson Gómez

Wilson Gómez

Steering committee member of ASOCAM and producer, Ecuador

After using the app, I have saved as many as 10 to 15 production days. It means I save around 225 feeding bags per cycle because I know how much more time the shrimp need to reach the target weight and uniform size.