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At XpertSea, we empower aquaculture producers of all stripes to redefine their resource management practices and achieve better yields through powerful, user-centered technology. Our platform combines complementary hardware and software solutions for generating, storing and analyzing accurate data about your aquatic populations.

Meet the XperCount

The XperCount is a connected device for counting, sizing and imaging small aquatic organisms. Just add your organisms, press Count, and get accurate results in seconds.

Counting accuracy
1 µm
Smallest size
Safe for organisms

Monitor and control every culture

The XperCount’s flexible technology and user-centered design allow for a seamless integration with multiple cultures and daily processes. Choose the right applications for your species and get started in minutes.

Reliable counts for all

Whether you’re a shrimp farmer or a scientist, hand counting organisms is a strenuous and time consuming task. The XperCount offers a better way forward for all.

Access all your data, organized

All XperCount measurements safely sync with your cloud-based customer portal. Log in to view your daily results and access detailed quality reports that can be shared with colleagues and third parties.

Total count

Average size

Size distribution

Detailed image

Growth rate

Survival rate

" A problem solver
We now have great results on all different counts, from algae to holothurian larvae and juveniles. We had difficulty to count our hundreds of thousands larvae and juveniles (and millions to come!) and this is why I had taken the “risk” to purchase the XperCount. I am now reassured toward this investment. Once again, thank you for your constant research of adapted solutions to our problems in sea cucumber rearing activities. "
Olivier Avalle
Project Director, Indian Ocean Trepang IOT
" The magic bucket
I am loving the “magic bucket”, as we call it.  We were also able to confirm that the average number of eggs per milliliter was very close to the standard estimation. Thanks again for all the work you did on getting our programs where they needed to be.  I am very happy with the XperCount! "
cindy ledbetter
Biological Science Technician, USDA/ARS
" Increase the counts accuracy
In the frame of a research project aiming to assess the density of several types of marine water organisms reared to feed the animal collection of the Aquarium of Quebec, we have compared the variability of the XperCount to manual count of subsamples. The tests were performed with artemia cultures (Artemia salina) and mysis (Americamysis bahia). The conclusions of this study indicate that the XperCount is a technology allowing to: Count and characterize different types of organisms; Increase the counts accuracy and reduce their variability; Monitor the organisms’ growth and density; Determine the food needs (algae) for invertebrate cultures; Work with more representative samples. "
Stephane masson, pHd
Scientific Coordinator, Aquarium of Quebec - SEPAQ
" The XperCount is easy to use
The XperCount presents many advantages such as the possibility of rapidly counting high numbers of specimen in large microalgae culture samples. The XperCount is easy to use, easy to clean, and provides accurate and stable measurements. "
Réjean Tremblay, PhD
Canada Research Chair in Aquaculture, ISMER – UQAR
" Everything is going great with the device
Everything is going great with the device; we love it. I will contact you sometime next year to get a rotifer counting program.Thanks so much for all of the technical assistance! "
Chad Clayton
Live Feed Supervisor, Reed Mariculture
" The counter is really accurate
The counter seems to be really accurate for setting oysters and rock scallops and is being used mainly for seed. It is being used regularly for sales of 2380 micron screen size oysters. "
Barb Bunting
R&D, Island Scallops

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