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Verified networks for trust-worthy partners

Build new relationships, establish trust and access a pool of high-quality crops through a data-driven marketplace of vetted shrimp sellers and buyers.

A shrimp farmer holds a bunch of large shrimp in his hand

How shrimp farmers win

Find qualified buyers

Find new buyers when your favorite processor isn't purchasing.

XpertSea's shrimp marketplace helps farmers diversify their business and partnerships by connecting them to a vetted ecosystem of pre-approved buyers.

A shrimp farm technician wades waste-deep in the pond water while is colleague his standing on the shore

How shrimp buyers win

Find qualified farmers

Find exactly what you’re looking for.

XpertSea receives buyers' needs, preferences and price lists in order to connect them with pre-approved farmers that fit the bill.

A single shrimp held by its antennae

How it works

XpertSea's shrimp marketplace connects a vast network of buyers and sellers in order to build a digital, real-time pond inventory that encourages new partnerships and secure transactions.




Farmers input the crop they want to sell, or buyers detail the size they’re looking for.




XpertSea sources its network to find the right fit.




XpertSea matches the compatible buyer and seller.




Both securely complete their transaction through the XpertSea app.

Shrimp pond with bridges, aerators and palm trees in the distance

The XpertSea difference

in their own words

Oswaldo Chiriboga B

Oswaldo Chiriboga B

Chief Financial Officer of Bilbosa, Ecuador

XpertSea is a strategic supplier for BILBOSA that has contributed to increasing our level of raw material supply, characterized by the agility of its processes and the security it provides to our suppliers.

Leverage highly accurate production insights to simplify your aquaculture operations and make better decisions about everything from stocking, to feeding, to harvesting.

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