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Valuable insights for more profitable crops

Leverage highly accurate production insights to simplify your aquaculture operations and make better decisions about everything from stocking, to feeding, to harvesting.

XpertSea - app and shrimp

The XpertSea App

So much more than financing

Beyond promising faster payment terms and valuable new networks, XpertSea provides a unique toolbox that allows producers to grow better shrimp.

XpertSea app

Our AI-powered app also helps farmers optimize operations by simply snapping a few pictures of their shrimp.

Healthier growth

  • Generate faster and more accurate sampling data than a weight scale.

  • Standardize, digitize and centralize all shrimp growth data.

  • Oversee and optimize feeding regimes.

  • Supervise and manage farms effectively from a distance.

XpertSea app

Better planning

  • Understand your pond value.

  • Get visibility and precision over commercial sizes.

  • Simplify access to payments and invoices.

  • Calculate and evaluate faster payment fees.

Shrimp farmers in Ecuador and Vietnam can download the app and create an account for their farm.

XpertSea - shrimp

The Growth Platform

Farm management, simplified

To turn your data into actionable insights, XpertSea’s growth platform meticulously captures, processes, stores and analyzes highly accurate field data.

Shrimp farmer using the Growth Platform

XpertSea's game-changing technology uses data to flag problems early and point out any new opportunities to boost profitability.


  • Track water quality metrics

  • Oversee meals and feeding rates

  • Forecast potential growth

  • Perform quality check from pictures of your shrimp

XpertSea's Growth Platform

Enterprise insights

Connecting analysis to expertise

To seamlessly integrate every step of the production chain, XpertSea allows a trusted network of feed, health and genetic enterprise suppliers to connect directly with farmers.

XpertSea - shrimp farm

Once they're connected, suppliers can offer valuable services, support and data-driven advice to help farmers grow better shrimp.


  • Farmers receive recommendations based on real-time field data.

  • Farmers enjoy personalized customer experiences.

  • Suppliers automate, update and improve prescriptions and feed formulations.

  • Suppliers track and evaluate treatments and experiments.

XpertSea - XperCount

The XperCount

Ensuring reliable larvae counts

Providing unbiased, real-time data on your shrimp post-larvae, the XpertCount is a portable imaging device that sets the bar for all other larvae counters.

XpertSea - XperCount


  • Count and size shrimp post-larvae in just a few seconds.

  • Get a clear count of every shrimp received in a shipment.

  • Make data-driven stocking decisions.

  • Perform in-depth quality and performance analysis.

XpertSea - XperCount
XpertSea - hatchery workers

The XpertSea difference

In their own words

Mr. Nguyen Van Truc

Mr. Nguyen Van Truc

Director of Tan Hung cooperative in Ca Mau, Vietnam

Using the app to measure shrimp growth is very useful. The number of samples taken is higher, faster and more accurate than conventional manual shrimp sampling. Shrimp are healthy when sampled, free from injury and the data is stored and managed on a real-time online database.

Dr. Craig Browdy

Dr. Craig Browdy

Director of Research & Development at Zeigler Bros, USA

XpertSea’s innovative smartphone app saves a huge amount of time and generates very accurate sampling data. This is a powerful tool for improving day to day decision-making yielding faster growth, more efficient feed conversion and better water quality.

Abhijeet Naohate

Abhijeet Naohate

Territory Manager at Biostadt India Ltd, India

We use XpertSea’s Growth Platform to help our farm customers accurately stock post-larvae into their ponds. Using this technology gives us traceability over the data, including the quality of the post-larvae, which can impact pond performance, and enables more accurate biomass estimations during the grow-out period.

Anton Immink

Anton Immink

Aquaculture Program Director at the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, Thailand

XpertSea is the perfect partner to provide the tools and advice that will help farmers and the industry as a whole reduce the potential impact of disease outbreaks, through systems built on improved data collected from, and used by, farms and management agencies.

We’re a Canadian tech company on a quest: to build a better, fairer and more sustainable global aquaculture industry.

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