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XpertSea wins the 2019 Aquaculture Award for Technical Innovation

XpertSea wins the 2019 Aquaculture Award for Technical Innovation

Canadian innovator is recognized for its novel and high-quality technology that improves the performance of aquaculture. XpertSea’s ‘Growth Platform’ automates data collection and leverages artificial intelligence to help farmers make informed data-driven decisions.

Quebec City and Edinburgh, May 30, 2019 - XpertSea, a Canadian technology company that makes aquaculture more profitable and sustainable, has been named the winner of the 2019 Aquaculture Awards in the Technical Innovation category. The winners were announced at a special awards dinner hosted by Aquaculture UK at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh yesterday, May 29.

XpertSea won for its Growth Platform, which automates aquaculture data collection so that farmers can make informed data-driven decisions. The platform leverages artificial intelligence to help producers standardize data collection, track growth, improve animal health, and optimize harvest decisions. They can also view animal images to detect early signs of disease or deformities, generate optimized feed prescriptions based on real growth, and predict best harvest dates based on market prices. Used in more than 400 facilities worldwide, the XpertSea Growth Platform is the leading farm management solution in the shrimp industry.

XpertSea was one of four finalists judged on their technical innovations in what the organizers described as “one of the most hotly-contested categories in this year’s awards, showing the increasingly high-tech nature of the aquaculture industry.” The other finalists in the category were Benchmark Animal Health, Pentair, and Underwater Contracting Limited.

"We're honored to win the 2019 Aquaculture Award for technical innovation, and we’re grateful to the organizers, sponsors and judges for recognizing excellence in our industry,” said Valerie Robitaille, CEO and Co-Founder of XpertSea, who accepted the award together with XpertSea’s Chief Revenue Officer Mikael Lefebvre. “Aquaculture is growing faster than any other source of protein on the planet, and these awards attest to the many great achievements in areas such as animal welfare, applied research, international impact and sustainability. I'd like to praise our brilliant team of innovators who developed the XpertSea Growth Platform, and also to congratulate all of the competitors for their outstanding efforts in moving the aquaculture industry forward."

XpertSea's CRO Mikael Lefebvre and co-founder and CEO Valérie Robitaille with their award

Earlier this month, Thailand’s SHRImp Health Resources Improvement project (SHRImp) chose XpertSea to deploy a collaborative farm solution to help manage production risks at over 150 shrimp farms in Thailand. The project will use XpertSea’s platform to improve the collection and sharing of shrimp data, with the aim of reducing the impact of diseases -- a major threat to the sustainability of shrimp production and a major economic cost with billions of dollars in lost revenue and growth opportunities.

The Aquaculture Awards are organized by the Aquaculture UK exhibition and conference team and supported by a number of commercial partners. The awards recognize the achievements in different elements of the sector and give due recognition to those making an exceptional contribution to the industry, now and in the future. The awards go to those who employ the highest standards of aquaculture husbandry, farm with a high level of environmental awareness, or deliver a high-quality end product to local, national or international markets.

About XpertSea‍

XpertSea is a Canadian technology company that's transforming how the global aquaculture industry farms seafood to help feed the world. Combining smart aquaculture equipment with a farm management platform, our collaborative solution uncovers actionable insights driven by artificial intelligence. These insights enable farmers and industry experts to optimize feed efficiency, reduce environmental waste, take preventive actions against diseases and use data to bring transparency and knowledge to the entire supply chain. With customers in over 50 countries, we’re using Canadian ingenuity to make aquaculture profitable and sustainable.

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