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XpertSea to discuss aquaculture technology innovation at ‘Cleantech and AI Conference’ on March 8 in Toronto

XpertSea to discuss aquaculture technology innovation at ‘Cleantech and AI Conference’ on March 8 in Toronto

How are technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data transforming the global aquaculture industry? 

Quebec City, March 2 - Valerie Robitaille, the Co-founder and CEO of XpertSea, will address this question at the ‘Cleantech and AI Conference’ on March 8 in Toronto.

“Aquaculture is far behind agriculture in the use of advanced technologies, and this harms efficiency, profits and sustainability across the industry,” said Valerie Robitaille, XpertSea’s CEO. “Now, with the introduction of technologies such as AI and machine learning, we’re starting to see big changes in how fish and seafood are farmed. I plan to describe how XpertSea is using AI and related technologies to breathe new life into the aquaculture industry, which produces more than 50% of the sea-based protein consumed around the world.”

XpertSea develops technologies that transform aquaculture into a modern, efficient and sustainable source of food for our planet. The XpertSea Platform replaces traditional hand-counting with precision hardware and software tools for rapidly counting and analyzing aquatic species, with 95% accuracy or better. Combining artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning and the Internet of Things, the XpertSea Platform is increasing the availability of quality food, reducing the environmental impact of food production, and improving profitability across the aquaculture food chain.

“This conference is an opportunity to learn about how companies have embraced the transformative potential of big data and AI, and to explore new research areas and job opportunities with technology startups,” said Tyler Hamilton, Cleantech Partnerships Lead at MaRS Discovery District in Toronto. “For companies like XpertSea, it’s an opportunity to convey how AI fits into their future, the challenges they face, and the difficulties of finding the talent they need to succeed.”

“Cleantech and AI: Applications in Energy, Agriculture and Mining” will take place on March 8 at MaRS Discovery District in Toronto. The conference will explore whether AI and machine intelligence can reduce the impact of our growing human footprint — from feeding the world more sustainably, to reducing the environmental impacts of mining, energy production and power generation.  For more information, please visit https://marsdd.lpages.co/cleantech-and-ai-event/,

About XpertSea

XpertSea is a Canadian technology company that’s transforming how the global aquaculture industry farms seafood. Combining artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning, our solution empowers hatcheries, farms and research centers to track and manage their aquatic populations with greater speed, accuracy and insight than ever before. With aquaculture producers around the world using our technology to reduce waste and increase profits, we’re taking a business-friendly, technology-driven approach to promoting global food sustainability. With more than 100 customers in over 48 countries, we’re using Canadian ingenuity to help feed the world.

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