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Fishtech Awards names XpertSea a finalist for seafood industry innovation

Fishtech Awards names XpertSea a finalist for seafood industry innovation

Quebec City and Qingdao, China - November 7, 2018 — XpertSea, a Canadian technology company that makes aquaculture more profitable and sustainable, has been named a finalist in the inaugural Fishtech Awards. XpertSea is one of twelve companies that will present their technologies live on stage before judges at the China Fisheries & Seafood Expo (CFSE) in Qingdao, China, on November 8.

“We picked the most innovative seafood startups to pitch live in the Fishtech Awards finals and XpertSea is one of them. XpertSea is building the next generation of smart aquaculture equipment that promises high impact and positive change to the seafood industry,” said Pablo Resnik, CEO of the FishTech Awards. “The Awards are a collaboration platform to propel the seafood industry towards a more transparent, efficient and sustainable future by turning innovation into business. Businesses, innovators, decision makers and consumers together have the power to solve the most pressing problems of the seafood industry.”

”XpertSea is honored to be named a finalist in the inaugural Fishtech Awards,” said Valerie Robitaille, CEO and Co-Founder of XpertSea. “We are excited to take part in a competition that encourages innovation in the seafood industry and recognizes the importance of technology in creating a more sustainable future.

The Xpertsea Platform combines optics, machine vision and artificial intelligence so that hatcheries, farms and research centers can track and manage their aquatic populations faster and more accurately than ever before.

The XperCount is a portable “magic bucket” that counts, sizes, weighs and images aquatic organisms in pond samples at the press of a button. The XperCount connects to the XpertSea Portal, where farmers can access measurement data and analytics from any device anywhere. The platform is currently deployed successfully at hatcheries, farms and research centers around the world.

Chelsea Andrews, General Manager Asia-Pacific at XpertSea, will present the XpertSea Platform at the awards finals on Nov. 8, the second day of CFSE.

‍About the Fishtech Awards‍

The aim of the Fishtech Awards is to champion innovation in the rapidly expanding seafood industry. The Fishtech Awards creates a global platform to support innovation in the seafood sector by bringing together industry innovators, professionals and investors in China, the world’s fastest growing seafood market. The Fishtech Awards is an official partner of CFSE, Asia’s largest seafood exposition, where each year more than 29,000 seafood professionals network and learn about cutting edge innovation. More information about the Fishtech Awards can be found at fishtechawards.com.

About XpertSea

XpertSea is a Canadian technology company that’s transforming how the global aquaculture industry farms seafood. We use machine learning, advanced analytics and computer vision to provide reliable data and business insights so that aquaculture producers can make better decisions and increase profits. With customers in over 48 countries, we’re using Canadian ingenuity to help feed the world.

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