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Let's talk

About XpertSea

Three field representatives of XpertSea and one farmer look at a shrimp tank in Vietnam.

We’re an aquaculture innovation and solutions company on a quest to build a better and more sustainable global aquaculture industry.

Large integrated shrimp farm and mountains in the distance in Bali, Indonesia

What we do

We leverage machine learning and big data to help shrimp farmers modernize their operations and boost profits through valuable production insights.

By empowering farmers, we aim to turn the $30B global shrimp market into a sustainable, transparent, and respected industry that we can all feel good about - from pond to plate.

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Our investors

We’re backed by forward-thinking, high-profile investors who believe in the importance of disrupting and modernizing the aquaculture industry.

They also, like us, believe that this transformation will pave the way for new opportunities across the supply chain – giving them a unique opportunity to invest in a future that joins both profits and sustainability.

Stay up to date with the latest news about our impact on the aquaculture industry.

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