Meet the team

We're passionate about helping food producers succeed in new and exciting ways.

Joey Bolduc-Gilbert
Software Developer
Vanessa Gauthier
Technical representative - Latin America
Chelsea Andrews
Product Manager
Louis-Simon Bourgault
Director of Production
Vasile Bicherschi
Software Developer
Sylvie Lavigne
Co-Founder & Vice President
Julien Roy
Software Developer
Philippe Desjardins
Software Developer
Valérie Robitaille
Co-Founder & CEO
Elsa Leclerc
Quality Control
Samuel Couture-Brochu
Chief Software Architect
Cody Andrews
Nela Prolic
Customer Success Representative
Nicolas Garneau
Software Developer
Antonio Polo
VP Engineering
Lucas Marcotte Richardson
UI/UX Designer & Marketer
Guillaume Boily
Software Developer
Pierre-Luc St-Onge
Sales Director
Mariano Olguín
Sales & Technical Representative
Dave Dupras
Production Technician
François Robitaille
Co-Founder & Head of Finance